Per Head Sportsbook Services

Our per head sportsbook services goes beyond the finish line for you to offer your clients the nicest and securest place to wager on sports events, horse racing and online casino games and at the same time you will be able to manage every single detail. Start with a free trial of four weeks and then for only $10 per week enjoy the following:

Player Management

Get to know detail information about your players betting career and preferences to be able to set their credit limit and maximum wagers. Besides review their account available balance, wager balance, latest transactions and features. By customizing each player profile, you will be able to develop a closer relationship with them.

Player Payments Manager

Control each line of credit, every deposit and how much a player still owes you. Keep track of your balance with them by entering into the system every pay and calculating their remaining debt.

Agent Exposure

Receive a report with your players and sub-agents numbers to know what are you risking, when you are risking it and how you are risking it, everything in real time.

Weekly Balances/Player Totals

Keep track of every active player during the week (by day), total wagers, wins, losses. You can receive an individual report for Sports, Horse Racing, and Casino and analyze their wagering career and preferences.

Open Bets

Manage every wager and its specs, how many players took the wager, where most players made the bet, the time when most people took the wager and many more.

Bet Ticker

With Bet Ticker, you will be able to follow the action in real-time. Keep track of every incoming wager and your players ‘modus operandi’ to determine if you need to make some changes.

Financial Reports

Let’s be honest, you will be more than interest in your general cash flow, but that’s not all, you will be able to review weekly payments, agents adjustments, and settled figures. It’s all you financial movements in one place.

Custom Lines

Make the difference between you and your players by setting custom lines in our Hi-Tec system. Change the odds however you want or need, whenever you want it or need it, reset the money line, over/under and whatever move you need to perform.

Don’t hesitate on contact us for more details about our per head sportsbook services or if you have any concern. Our staff will be ready to assist you and let you know how things work and will change your business.

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